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Jade, pink syngonium, golden money, and golden snake plants combined in white self-watering pots.

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It is a fantastic indoor plant since the GOLDEN MONEY PLANT can thrive even in low light. serves as an air purifier and removes interior contaminants. According to Feng Shui, the Golden Money Plant, which has lovely golden heart-shaped leaves, is a sign of luck and fortune. can be put in hanging baskets, the balcony, the bedroom, or the living room.

JADE PLANT: Jade is a low-maintenance succulent that blooms in the spring with little pink or white flowers. has glossy, thick, and smooth leaves. The jade plant is one of the most well-liked indoor plants and is simple to grow.
GOLDEN SNAKE PLANT: The mother-in-tongue law's is another name for the snake plant. It can be grown inside, outside in the shade, or on a table. It releases stored oxygen at night, as opposed to most other plants, which release oxygen throughout the day. NASA advised building an air-purifier facility.

Pink Syngonium plants adore humidity and require watering every two days in the summer and every 5-7 days in the winter. You can cultivate Pink Syngonium plants outdoors or indoors, both under a green mesh net. Since they require dappled sunshine and adore dampness, they make excellent plants for kitchens and bathrooms as well.
Soil Mix - Forest humus, Sandy loam, and Sphagnum moss. Alternatively, mix equal parts of perlite, coco coir, and garden soil.

The following plants are included in the set: 1 Golden Money Plant, 1 Jade Plant, 1 Pink Syngonium, and 1 Golden Snake Plant. There are also 4 white plastic self-watering pots with each plant's specific care instructions included.

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Key Features

    •  Jade Plant, pink Syngonium, Golden Money Plant and  Golden Snake Plant,   a low-maintenance succulent that blooms in the spring with small pink or white flowers. has glossy, thick, and smooth leaves.

    • They are among the most well-liked indoor plants and are simple to grow.

    • The jade plant represents good fortune, friendship, and wealth.

    • Self Watering Matt White ceramic pot. Effective self-watering by Capillary action, huge container for filling water to last as long as 15 days for a jade plant. The bottom pot is simple to fill with water because there is enough room.

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Jade, pink syngonium, golden money, and golden snake plants combined in white self-watering pots.
1199 1340
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